Ok. I need a reality check. I just spent a weekend in one of the most beautiful, wintry places I may have ever seen to hobnob with good looking celebrities, snowboard amazing terrain and party my face off.

Sounds amazing right? Well, it was.

photo: Shawn Alain, Sunshine Village

The folks at Sunshine Village Ski & Snowboard Resort were nice enough to invite me up to Banff, Canada to live the good life for the weekend. With cameras in tow, I bantered with a bunch of famous actors who were in town for Sunshine Village’s annual Celeb Ski event.

Myself and Camryn Manheim, photo: Shawn Alain, Sunshine Village


The celebs on-snow skills were put to the test on a ski racing downhill course, a snowshoe obstacle course and toboggan slide. Some of them were extremely graceful navigating the course. Some… excelled at other things.

Finally, I got the chance to see what the course was all about and it wasn’t as easy as it originally looked. Sorry for heckling.

Overall, it was a TRIP. Such a great experience. I mean, how often do you get to have your picture snapped with 007 himself? Clearly, Mr. Brosnan was starstruck.

Myself and Pierce Brosnan, photo: Shawn Alain, Sunshine Village


Myself and Cheryl Hines, photo: Shawn Alain, Sunshine Village